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Industries Served

Electronic Transport is a leading provider of logistics and transportation solutions across North America. We have a proven track record of providing the on-time delivery, unloading, and placing of high-value and sensitive goods from every major industry. Our team members are trained to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions so your cargo is delivered on time and in excellent condition, whether it’s to a warehouse, a retail location, or a tradeshow floor. 

Learn more about the industries we serve and how our specialized logistics capabilities can serve your business best.

Industries Served

We serve most major industries, with clients across Canada and the United States. 

Medical/Healthcare Logistics

Electronic Transport provides on-time, just-in-time, and expedited transportation for medical organizations. We have a proven track record of delivering equipment like exam tables, freezers, hospital beds, veterinary equipment, and radiology equipment.

High-Value Electronics Logistics

Our team has experience handling sensitive electronics to ensure products and equipment stay protected, undamaged, and uncompromised by movement or the environment. In addition to our commitment to timely delivery, we prioritize careful handling of sensitive and high-value equipment, such as consumer electronics and server racks.

Financial Logistics

We handle heavy, high-security loads of cargo for organizations throughout the financial sector. These products include electronic equipment such as ATMs, video monitoring equipment, and self-checkout terminals. These goods require both physical care during handling and complete security to ensure they arrive on location uncompromised.

Retail Logistics

Along with the delivery of retail fixtures, we also move kiosks, point of sale (POS) terminals, and other large retail equipment. Our team takes the utmost care in handling sensitive cargo to eliminate the risk of breakage or damage, and each order will be delivered on time to its dock or retail location. Our retail logistics services are a reliable solution for store openings, renovations, new product line releases, and more.

Office Products Logistics

Ship and receive office printers, copiers, office furniture, cubicle walls, and more with comprehensive logistics services from Electronic Transport. We can ship new inventory, collect hardware at the end of a lease term, and transport goods for an office move or expansion. For complete services, we provide two-person crews that use dollies, furniture pads, liftgate equipment, and pallet jacks to package and move office products so everything arrives damage-free at its final location.

Unlock Seamless Supply Chain Efficiency: Take the Next Step With Electronic Transport!

Need specialized transportation services that you can trust from start to finish? Reach out to Electronic Transport today to see how our specialized logistics solutions can provide you with peace of mind and end-to-end supply chain solutions for sensitive and high-value goods. Request a quote to get started.